Day: February 10, 2014




Sternberg’s triangular theory of love is typically the first thing you think of when the namesake of this play comes to mind. Intimacy, Passion, Decision, all three separate but inextricably linked together geometrically.
High Performance Rodeo’s new production, “Triangular Theories of Love,” is the antithesis of this perfect articulation. Put on by W&M Physical Theatre troupe and Calgary’s own Poet Laureate, Kris Demeanor, “Theories” is a pastiche of fluid dance and words telling the story of couples in love and their struggles in long-term relationships.

As a tongue-in-cheek remix of the original triangle theory, this energetic theatre production incorporates dancers as players in the love lives of several couples, all dancing out their raw passions, sadness, irritations and euphoria. W&M’s theatre persona relies upon contrasting elements of raw bodily movements with stylistic details, details that are woven through drama and narrative.
“Theories” is gripping and sensuous as W&M’s founders/choreographers Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej create a dynamic space of dance interpreting circumstances of love. Demeanor’s ideas, mixed and characterized with Monteros’ and Mochniej’s dance experience, bring in an audience by translating would-be speech into a more physical space, a space where words are punctuated by simple movement. “Theories” in its concept is not just a show about “relationships”: it is an eloquent display of how the body transforms complex and simple understandings of emotion into spectacle and, in this case, raw beauty. It takes a commonplace experience of relationships, or ‘going through the motions’ and transforms it into a grand story.

Jan. 29-31. Pumphouse Theatre. Presented by W&M Physical Theatre.

By Therese Schultz
Photo: Aaron McCullough