Secret Moments

SECRET MOMENTS ....A Trilogy of Life, 3 solo figures move in an eloquently physical language through stages of a life journey. 
Moments of secrets, secret longings, dreams and fears, are concealed and revealed through movements which are "powerful, mesmerizing and beautifully poetic.  
The work speaks to us of the struggle in seeking balance between that which is new and unknown, exciting but also threatening, and that which is safe and comforting, but ultimately stifling.

Choreography: Wojciech Mochniej
Dancer: Lisa Hering
Sound Design: Wojciech Mochniej

Choreography: Wojciech Mochniej
Dancer: Wojciech Mochniej
Sound Design: Wojciech Mochniej

Choreography: Melissa Monteros
Dancer: Anna Krysiak
Sound Design: Monteros with excerpts and samples