W&M Dance Projects of Calgary Association is the umbrella name encompassing five contemporary dance initiatives under the artistic direction of Wojciech Mochniej and Melissa Monteros. Through the leadership of Monteros and Mochniej, the reputations of the performing companies of W&M Physical Theatre (professional), WM2 (apprenticeship), and the Surge Co (pre-professional) are well established locally and internationally. The Artists in Residence program offers local artists the opportunity to have space at highly subsidized rates and to do informal showings of works for an invited audience.

It is a company that continues to demonstrate artistic excellence, audience growth, and strong initiatives in professional activity, education, and community development. Monteros and Mochniej are experienced choreographers and pedagogues, with a strong history of successful touring internationally. They each bring more than 22 years experience teaching nationally and internationally, including more than 18 years at the University of Calgary.

W&M PHYSICAL THEATRE: Artist Statement

As artists, we are interested in remaining open; open to inspiration, to finding a connection between how we live and respond as humans and the political and social currents that surface in our environment, and to exploring the deeper and sometimes darker currents that lurk below the surface. We strive to use an abstract physical form to create a readable language. All of this is informed by our experiences from Poland and from Finland and influenced by European theatrical forms. The feeling is what drives the work. We try to create layers in images that stimulate thought. The artistic vision is hopefully evolving, maturing, deepening. We are trying to find a more precise, distinct voice; so that each work is a culmination of what we are discovering – to take that forward into the next process. We are looking for a sense that we have completed this era or phase, that all these layers and lines have come back to make a complete whole.