Canadian Dance Assembly-Calgary Conference

The presence of the Canadian Dance Assembly in Calgary has been an opportunity to join a dialogue that reaches across the country.  Too often,  the conversations focus on the centers east and west, with the rest of the country described as ‘regions’ which from the outset seems to make it a situation of ‘us’ and ‘them’.   I am an artist who lives in Calgary and I love my home here.  However, I don’t think of myself as a ‘prairie artist’ (the prairies as a location and/or natural environment are not featured in my work) and I resist the idea that anyone would categorize me as such.  I wonder if it is possible to find a way to support artists who may be less visible nationally without separating them from the rest of the country.

In our own community in Calgary, my observation is that we are often unaware of the kind of work and initiatives that go on around us, or if we are aware, we allow it to continue unacknowledged.  I was surprised to find W&M not just unmentioned in our brief community profile but lumped into a description of “several small dance companies”.  When space was brought up, C-space was mentioned but W&M again, was not, though it is the rehearsal base for a number of the artists who were in the room.  DSW was only mentioned briefly as having a festival.  Both of these organizations have been making huge contributions to the milieu for decades.  They both work from mid-range operating budgets.  I looked around the room and realized that of our Calgary cohort in attendance, close to half have been supported through W&M programming; as dancers, choreographers, through workshops and education, or by utilizing subsidized space for their projects.  I watched Melanie Kloetzel do months of work collecting statistics and organizing community meetings to develop a snapshot of the dance community, but her work also was not properly acknowledged by those who utilized it.

Someone asked Wojtek why they hadn’t heard of us despite our international work and our clear relationships with other artists in the room, and Wojtek replied with humour that we are too busy working.  I would also add that as a dance community, we don’t promote or acknowledge each other’s good work nearly enough.  Not to funders, not to each other.  We don’t play well together, it seems to me.  And that is something we can fix.

So, to other artists working here in Calgary who were not acknowledged yesterday (due to time limitations or other) for their artistic and  other contributions to the scene, I want to mention by name Davida Monk, Tania Alvarado, all of DSW as well as the DAG artists,  Anne Flynn for a list too long for this small space AND for starting the group “Building Community through Dance” (many years ago), Allara Gooliaf and Tara Blue of Three Left Feet (though Allara was briefly introduced yesterday), Linnea Swan (whose work is featured in the Fluid Fest), Rosanna Terraciano, Michéle Moss….but that is just a start.  And to the large organizations that were mentioned, and to DJD for hosting the conference, THANK YOU for all you have contributed and continue to contribute.

To all, send us info, we would love to profile your work on our site.      W&M


Seeking General Manager


Job Description

We are currently seeking an inspiring and self-motivated individual to join our team. 

Our part-time General Manager will help us manage the operations of our small but active organization. Reporting directly to the Artistic Director and the Board of Directors, and working closely with Facility Manager, the General Manager is responsible for managing the overall administrative, financial and human resources of the organization. The General Manager will interact and coordinate with the Facility Manager and the Volunteer Coordinator and reports to the Artistic Director and Board of Directors.

This is a part-time position (2 days per week/10 hours per week) with a range from $18-$25 per hour or $10,000- $12,000 annually for 50 weeks of work per year.  Salary is commensurate with experience.


  • Minimum 2 years of arts management experience in the non-profit arts sector;
  • An understanding of – and a passion for – the artistic work of W&M Dance Projects, and its role in the live performance ecology;
  • Excellent grant writing and communication skills are a must;
  • Simple bookkeeping skills
  • Great Organizational skills
  • Ability to manage and understand the legal obligations of our organization
  • Marketing and promotion experience
  • A “can do” attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond when necessary;
  • Ability to learn quickly, think on your feet, and adapt easily to new environments;
  • Attention to detail and an ability to maintain focus in fast-paced work environment, while maintaining an eye on a larger picture.

Organization Description


W&M Dance Projects of Calgary Association (W&M Dance Projects) is the umbrella name encompassing the dance entities and community projects under the artistic direction of Wojciech Mochniej and Melissa Monteros. It is the home of the professional company W&M Physical Theatre, the apprentice company WM2, the pre-professional program SURGE Co., and the Artist in Residence program.  It is an organization that continues to demonstrate artistic excellence, audience growth, and strong initiatives in education, performance, and community development. W&M Dance Projects has its home in its own leased space which contains 2 large fully equipped dance studios on two levels available for rental to artists and artistic projects.  Located just six minutes from downtown, near Stage West in Southeast Calgary, W&M Dance Projects provides artists with the space, training, mentorship, and community they need to develop new work and new ways of working, while offering audiences outstanding new performances.

How to Apply:

Please submit your cover letter and resume by email to: by 5pm, Monday, November 1, 2017.

When creating the file, be sure to make your name the file name, SurnameFirstname.doc

We thank everyone who applies for their interest. The first round of interviews will occur the week of November 6th, 2017.