The Artists in Residence program is an initiative by W&M DANCE PROJECTS designed to support independent artists in their work.

Successful applicants receive a highly discounted studio rate for the duration of their projects, opportunities for informal showings of work, outside eye support by established guest artists, access to 4 hours annually of professional counseling on grant submission and project/production development, professional development through a series of workshops/lectures, and assistance in creating video reels and promotional videos to market their work.

Applicants are accepted at all phases of project development and career stages.

Senior Artists in Residence contribute to the program through mentorship, feedback and/or classes and workshops.  

2019 – 2020 REQUEST FOR AN ARTIST RESIDENCY at W&M Dance Projects Launched as The Calgary Rehearsal Cooperative in 2008, it has been re-evaluated, reshaped and expanded to respond to the current needs of our growing dance community.

The Artists in Residence SEASON 2019/2020

EMERGING and MID CAREER: Kyra Newton, Meghann Michalsky, others TBA

The Artists in Residence SEASON 2018/2019

EMERGING and MID CAREER: Kyra Newton, Meghann Michalsky, Pam Tseng

The Artists in Residence SEASON 2017/2018

SENIOR ARTISTS: Davida Monk – Linnea Swann

EMERGING and MID CAREER: Pam Tzeng – Meghann Michalsky – Kyra Newton and Quinn Kliewer – Marynia Fekecz – Jocelyn Hoover and Eden Hildebrand – Lisa Calverly

The Artists in Residence SEASON 2016/2017

EMERGING and MID-CAREER: Jason Galeos – Nicole Charleton and Marynia Fekecz – Jocelyn Hoover and Eden Hildebrand – Meghann Michalsky – Kyra Newton-Guy – Rosanna Terraciano – Pam Tzeng