BOW: post from the field #2: September 21, 2015

| from Calgary looking ahead to the Calgary performances


The Bow River runs right by Wojciech and Melissa Monteros’ home, where we three Body of Water artists are living and working together for the second week of the Calgary portion of the project. The rhythm of our workdays are determined by the weather, the perpetually shifting river, and the working schedule of the dedicated and inspiring young dancers of W&M Physical Theatre’s Surge Company. Only a few days into their season, these dancers bravely leapt into our collaboration, and into site-specific dance practices.


The other day, I waded into the river to photograph the Surge company dancing: their heads in the water, bare feet resting on the pebbles and stones, a line of still bodies drawn on the shore; an image complicated by the troubles of our world and all its’ current struggles and inequities. I noted the intense power of the dancing body (simply, eloquently, wordlessly) casting perspective for the incidental audience gathering on the bridge above us. By placing themselves in a vulnerable position, the dancers became incredibly strong. I am grateful to the Surge guest artists’ willingness to work with us on this creative process. It is a gift to us older artists to collaborate with young artists, and witness their bright light illuminating paths we may have danced before.





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