The creation and presentation of dance work, live and on screen, requires a number of people operating at their highest level of skill.  Below are just a few of the people who have contributed to the work and the process:

Production and Management: Aleksandra Machnik and M7 Productions, Calvin Becker

Lighting Design: Steve Isom

Film: Krysztof Solek and Film Polska 

Music: Wojciech Frycz, Aleksandra Bilinska

Dance Artists: Christine Fricker, France (new project) Marie France Forcier, Canada (new project), Iris Heitzinger, Austria (WeSelle, Framed, Unframed, Cells), Miku Tsuchiya, Japan, (Bone Songs stage and film, The Cube, Skins film) Laura Henley, Canada (Weselle, The Cube, Waiting Rooms in Heaven, Time, Triangular Theories of Love...), Serenella Sol, Canada (Weselle, Waiting Rooms in Heaven, The Cube, Time, Triangular Theories of Love…), Rufino Rodriguez Canada (Waiting Rooms in Heaven, The Cube, Time, Triangular Theories of Love), Mark Medrano Canada/USA (Bone Songs stage and film), Odessa Johnston (Weselle, Painted Bird)

Rehearsal Direction and Assistance: Odessa Johnston, Samantha Ketsa