Eleven years ago this past June, W&M PHYSICAL THEATRE took on a facility lease at 4005 9th Street SE that had 2 beautiful dance studios, a kitchen, a tiny office, and a common area. Over the years, we furnished, renovated, scrubbed, painted, invited, moved, taught, created, hosted workshops, performances and post-performance celebrations, launched Surge, W&M2, and W&Men, laughed and worked ourselves silly to keep the space alive. Many wonderful dancers, artists, and guests have moved through those studios with us; you know who you are. Margie Gillis, Peggy Baker, Denise Clarke, Crystal Pite and many others were Guests.

We strategized, improvised and scrimped, and have finally decided to leave that (always financially difficult) lease for bigger and brighter things that include committing our resources to artistic projects and artists. The Calgary Opera continues to hold the lease, and Kylee Dawn, who has managed rentals for the last couple of years, will take on leasing the upstairs studio. All other aspects of W&M continue with refreshed energy; our own artistic work and touring, our artist in residence and artist support programs, our collaborative projects and relationships, our film and video work, and our educational activities. We have simply relieved our organization of the financial burden and stress of a facility. You may even see us rehearsing in the space (as we have our mirrors and floors on loan there until June). We have many new projects on the go; WeSelle and Uje(ci)/Framed tour Poland again this Fall and W&M will co-present a retrospective of work by Monteros (with Mochniej as collaborator and Isom designing lights).

To all of you who shared the work and the dancing in those spaces, Thank You!

It was a labor of Love!

Rufi Oswaldo This was one of my homes. I grew up here, artistically. I’ve sweat and bled on those floors. I woke up screaming one night when I struggled to find enough volunteers to run an important fundraiser to support this space. I’ve taken so many naps in the light of the upstairs windows and silently criticized the next-door business who constantly blew giant puffs of burnt coffee smoke into rehearsals. It is a dingy warehouse in an industrial, forgotten pocket of Calgary, but oh how I love what I experienced inside of those walls! I am heartbroken. And grateful. And I am excited to see what’s to come for W&M Physical Theatre. Thank you. Thank you.

Oriana Pagnotta Sending love for all the memories here, where I worked and created for many years, and all the ones to continue for W&M! 💞

Laura Elizabeth Wow such amazing memories over the past decade. Hard to imagine that not being our “home!” So much love there. 💕💕

Serenella Sol This makes me so sad… don’t even know what to say. But thank you for this space and the time in there. I had the best times.

Tara Wilson such a great space! I have so many great memories there. All the very best for am amazing future – thanks for all you have done for our community! Pulse’s door is also always open!

Jason Owin F. G I’ll never forget the first time I was there for the creative intensive audition and process, and my first time being there for the in the men’s room rehearsals.
Thank you for everything and I look forward to the next step and future endeavors of W&M 🙂 #inthemensroom

Lauren Cote Awww such good memories in this space! This sounds like a beautiful new chapter for you two. As hard as it may be to let it go, change is so renewing and i am glad to hear that the space will continue to be utilized for art and creation.

Saxon Fraser I have great memories of rehearsals there with you 😊 Wish you all the best in this next phase with the company!!

Natalie Poissant And for your heart and dedication to this community, your legacy will be remembered by so many. Thank you for the opportunities to celebrate our language and passion together in so many ways. Big love to you both ❤️

Val Campbell Thanks W&M for this huge contribution to our extended communities. You have made so much possible with your beautiful spaces #feelinggrateful

Christina McLean Good memories and good people. That space will forever be infused with the love and energy that all put in it. Wishing you the best in this new phase, xx

Nicole Wasylenko It was an absolute honour and pleasure to work with you all in this beautiful space and I will cherish the memories created there always. Congratulations on all you have accomplished and all the best as your adventures continue. 🖤

Barbara Czajkowska Good times, good memories:)

Kelly Broadus Congratulations on a wonderful journey!

Di Lefebvre Oh no:( .. this makes me 😞 blessings and good wishes 💜

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