Featured Film: MY SHOUT

Il Mio Grido/MY SHOUT

Director: Vito Alfarano

My Shout (Il Mio Grido) was made with the prisoners of Rovigo city.  Through its framing, white background and editing, the viewer does not see the prisoner, but the MAN; their nudity expressing power, softness, vibrancy and fragility.  The voices of the detainees and electronic sounds create the original music.  Each individual voice is a treasure chest of information and emotion, intimately linked to its own experience and place.

Thanks to the Ministry of Justice, Department of Penitentiary, PRAP of Padua and the direction of the prison.
Production Ballet Association City of Rovigo, partners GoMotion
Vocal laboratory Camilla Ferrari
Movement laboratory Vito Alfarano
Camera operator Ludovico Guglielmo
Sound design Simone Pizzardo
Photography Ludovico Guglielmo and Cesare Grandi
Music Simone Pizzardo and Camilla Ferrari
Editing Alessandro Gasperotto
Concept and direction Vito Alfarano