Leadership Program

The Leadership Program provides a comprehensive overview of the processes involved in creating, developing and producing contemporary dance work. 
The program educates and supports dancers who are interested in learning skills and techniques that go beyond the role of “company dancer”. Applicants who are selected for this program will be required to take on 
some of the responsibilities inherent in creation, development 
and production.

The leadership program is organic and flexible – allowing the program to be specifically tailored to the needs of both the company and the selected individuals. 
The focus could be on rehearsal direction, choreographic development, technical training or teaching, company management or any combination of those options.

The initial selection of artists and the overall management of the leadership program is under the auspices of Artistic Director, Wojciech Mochniej. 
In consultation with Melissa Monteros, individuals will be invited to participate and specific, individualized training plans will be formulated. 
In Fall 2017, Mochniej and Monteros make-up the heart of the leadership program, but all teachers, choreographers and company personnel participate in the program.   
For information contact monteros@wmdance.com.