choreography: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ & MELISSA MONTEROS performers: ANNA KRYSIAK, MELISSA MONTEROS, ERYK MAKOHON and WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ soundscape: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ with samples and music by: Zed, Greek Folk, Hildegard Westerkamp, Bob Lukomski, Allan Olivier, Alan Morse Davies I light & stage design concept: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ light design: STEVE ISOM 

Life is Good is work from W&M Physical Theatre. It is a reflection of those things, small, large, wonderful, heartbreaking and challenging which contribute to the shape of our lives. It is a group work of theatricality, physicality, and pure dance. Mochniej and Monteros are joined in this performance by Polish dance artists Anna Krysiak and Eryk Makohon. This was a process that has crossed many borders; rehearsals began in Calgary, developed in Bytom, the work premieres in Poznan and was performed in full at The Grand Theatre in Calgary in May 2007.


“Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain A beautiful performance was shown by W&M Physical Theatre. To taste it …technically and choreographically! Thank you, God, the creators have the skill to have fun and play with what they are doing…. As in life, very distant themes/plots intersect—all these themes/ plots sometimes really sweep you away but also, after a moment, they give you permission to forget…” Marta Kazimierska, GAZETA WYBORCZA, Poznan, Poland August, 2006

“A Lyrical Affirmation of Life “A dark stage, square platforms, on top of them, in the darkness they stand….to prepare the public for everything which will come after. After was only dance… Expressive movement, physical, with a simplicity and complexity which makes Life is Good a universal choreographic language. At the beginning, I tried to translate the meaning of the scenes into words, but quickly understood that this is not the point. The point is to receive the beauty of the gesture and intensity of emotion. The performance is built through several acts…on one side there was delightful fluidity and lightness of movement, on the other side, it was shockingly powerful and dynamic. The artists have successfully created a story full of a lyrical affirmation of life.” Kar, GLOS WIELKOPOLSKI, Poznan, August 2006