UPDATE OCTOBER 2018:  It was a very great and busy Spring as WeSelle was reset on an all Polish cast (plus Mochniej and Odessa Johnston) and was performed in Lublin, Gdansk and Bytom. 
 It returns to Poland for performances in October and November.  There are invitations for Uje(ci)/Framed and Mochniej begins to set a new commissioned work on Kielce Dance Theatre.  
That work continues in February and in March, W&M partners with the University of Calgary's Division of Dance to present a retrospective on Monteros' works featuring students of the Dance Division and alumni of that program.  
While we leave our space in SW Calgary, we reaffirm our commitment to creating strong artistic work and providing support through our AIR and Artist Support Program to partner with artists on the development and presentation 
of their creative work.  We are looking to mentor those interested in arts administration on a sliding scale of pay as they develop.  A busy and wonderful season ahead!

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2018:  It was a long Fall but a really long January as we welcomed and then recently said goodbye to a number of guest artists from Poland as well as our Calgary cast. 
We presented 7 performances for "Pro Series" in co-production with the University of Calgary, creating a brand new 65 minute work-in progress called WeSell.PL by artistic director Wojciech Mochniej; 
a wild and wonderful ride which you can read about on our blog.  Uje(ci)/Framed (from last season) was completely reworked and featured Iris Heitzinger dancing with Mochniej;  the film version, Unframed, a  co-production
 with M7 and Film Polska and in association with W&M, premiered the final weekend.  Maciej Kuzminski, Dominik Wiecej and Iris Heitzinger also performed their works the 2nd weekend.  It was a wild month.

The W&M Centre for Creative Practice (we are still searching for a new name, so pipe in here!) has been busy with Artists in Residence Davida Monk, Pam Tzeng, Kyra Newton and others all hard at work on projects. 
Watch for their works to premiere later in the year.   Kylee Dawn's Inner Journeys continues to gain momentum, infusing the space with an abandoned commitment to soul connection through movement;  Mike Yaunish's Core Connexion
 class celebrates more than a decade in our facility, as we do the same.

Most importantly, the remarkable Damon Johnston joins us at the administrative helm of our organization, as we congratulate Calvin Becker on his role as Operations Director at EmMedia.  Damon is currently Artistic Director at Pro Arts Society, 
former Executive Director of Dancers Studio West, and has a long time association with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, so he is no stranger to the dance community.  Though his position is part-time, we welcome his experience and expertise to help guide us forward.

A lot to look forward to!


SEPTEMBER 2017:  Welcome back!   The months of September and October are always incredibly busy for us as we gear up for the season. The space is alive with Artists in Residence,  and Artistic Director  Wojtek Mochniej is beginning rehearsal of a new work.   We are happy to welcome some of the Fluid guest artists in for rehearsals.  We are continuing our refreshment of the facility and there is always lots to do there. We have begun a search for a new part-time General Manager.   Kylee Dawn, continues to be amazing, taking care of all things Facility.  We've accepted 6 Emerging Artists in Residence  and 3 Established Artists in Residence this year .   We are gearing up for the new season with some changes; lots of guest artists, and we are integrating some WM2 dancers into the international project that will be presented in January.  Watch for the International Professional Series from mid-January through the first weekend in February, when Iris Heitzinger (Austria) will join us, as well as 4 artists from Poland.    As always, a lot to look forward to....