Supporting the works of W&M Dance Projects can be done in so many ways.  It is a powerful way to experience your time, expertise or money in action. Whether through volunteering your time at monthly Bingos, seasonal performances or annual Casinos, or making a tax deductible donation, your help is much needed and deeply appreciated. W&M, through its performances, educational activities and community initiatives, is working to shape a more vital and enriched arts life for Calgary, for cities across Canada, and internationally. The company has been exceptional in its international outreach, and its audiences span 5 countries. We believe W&M deserves your support because it actively engages audiences in live as well as filmed professional performance, and brings its full efforts to offering opportunities for both emerging and established dance artists. However you choose to support, you can rest assured that your gift will support the work of hard-working artists striving to participate and make a difference in their community through their artistic work.