choreography: MELISSA MONTEROS I collaborator: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ I cast: LAUREN COTE, LAURA HENLEY, SERENELLA SOL, RUFINO RODRIGUEZMIKU TSUCHIYA music: “Timeless” composed by Scott Edward Godin and played by Graheme Tofflemire, “Solitude” composed by Scott Edward Godin, “Triple Riffing” composed by Timothy Brady and played by Jeremy Brown, Theresa Lane, Deanna Oye scenic design and video: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ I light design: STEVE ISOM  I Duration: 60min.

This work was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, by Dancers’ Studio West, and the Canadian Music Centre The primary concept and exploration of “THE CUBE” is around the idea of Rubik’s Cube. This multi-sided, multi-coloured box is utilized as a metaphor for our individuality and ability to be part of a whole. The work explores how individual voices survive and even thrive in a group, how we mask or hide from aspects of ourselves and bring conflicting sides into harmony, how we sometimes experience parts of ourselves being ripped away, and how our deep desire to move beyond our personal borders, at great risk, survives. Rubik’s Cube also became a metaphor for limitation and potential (both mental and physical); a cell-like structure that created boundaries. “The Cube by Melissa Monteros opens a fantastic door into a parallel universe: a voyage into the deepest feelings of human beings, their reactions and ways of confronting who they are in the world. With a mixture of movement, video and live music, this piece presents a captivating atmosphere that invades the space with a magical mood, full of passion and intensity. From the beginning to the end, The Cube presents a whole new perspective on the world, through movement, while thousands of colors and sounds complete the effect of the dance, making it pleasurable to the senses.” By Sisa Madrid published through the U of C ADDF Dance Blog