with Sasha Kleinplatz (MONTREAL)
January 28 & 29 | 10:00am – 2:30pm
$120 regular | $96 pre-registered before January 12th
To register visit:

This workshop will offer us time to consider the challenges we face as contemporary performance creators and interpreters. Through a combination of conversation, moving, and choreography, we will directly confront our expectations of performance practice and creation. The workshop will lead participants through different types of doing and not-doing, destabilizing personal ideas of “good” and “bad” in the hope of provoking new interests. The re-think comes out of our desire to:

1. Practice choreography.
2. Engage in criticality and feedback.
3. Share creative tools and strategies with other artists everyday.
4. Move simply and savagely.

Through these daily practices, we will create an environment where previously un-imagined ways of working and thinking about performance can appear.


In her decade of work as a professional contemporary dance choreographer, performance curator, and teacher, Sasha Kleinplatz has focused on exploring the meanings and applications of community, care, and ethics within performative practices.

As co artistic director of the company Wants&Needs danse Sasha works to generate contexts that allow artists to take creative risks while developing new, heterogeneous dance publics. Sasha is the co-creator and curator of three performance initiatives (Short&Sweet, Piss In the Pool, and Involved), which have had multiple iterations at festivals throughout Canada, and satellite editions of these events have been presented in Oakland, California, London, and Paris. Sasha’s choreographic works have been presented at venues throughout Canada and the United States, including Performance Mix festival in NYC, and as part of the Danse Danse series at Place des Arts in Montreal. In 2015 she was an invited faculty member at Université du Québec at Montréal, where she taught the course Spectacle dirigé which culminated in the full-length choreography L’Échauffement. Sasha is currently pursuing an MFA in Contemporary Art at Simon Fraser University.


Thank you to W&M Dance Projects and community volunteers for supporting MSDP 2017 winter workshop season.

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