Inventories of Bodies in Movement is an interactive dance project that speaks to the identity of one’s self and to the cultural and social constructions that define how a universal subject (i.e., the body) is perceived in our modern, multi-cultural society.

It was developed in Calgary by its creator, French choreographer Christine Fricker in collaboration with Wojciech Mochniej.

Inventories of Bodies in Movement is a humanist project that focuses on the values and concerns between people of different backgrounds, cultural groups, and experiences in life,and the similarities and differences in their perceptions of the body.  The goal of the project is to explore and address the body as “self,” as social and cultural construct, as a vessel for personal history.  The project seeks to bring, through the beauty of the movement arts, awareness of the ideas we hold both commonly and differently. Through this process the cast will engage in the search for a commonality of understanding of our society, and an acknowledgement of the differences.  It brings together people of different ages, social classes, cultures, and body types in a celebration of these differences. This project’s ambition is to reveal commonalities and impart understanding of our differences by exposing, exploring, and sharing our perceptions of the body.

As cultural ideas around the body and beauty are profoundly different between culture, social class and age group,  the integration of differing types of participants in this piece allows a rich exploration of the subject matter.

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