Featured Film: Her Cooking Smells Like Death

Her Cooking Smells Like Death
Director: Nicole Charlton Goodbrand

They say you cook with love, but what if that love becomes so fervent that it entirely consumes you?
In the short film ‘Her Cooking Smells Like Death’ we follow the dismembered events that surround the unusual and gruesome disappearance of the protagonist, Birdie Potts’, beloved husband Larry. Following a disjointed and skewed timeline, we slowly begin to understand the circumstances of Larry’s disappearance, and uncover why he was never truly lost to Birdie… and why no trace of him was ever found by the police.

Director Biography – Nicole Charlton Goodbrand

Nicole Charlton Goodbrand is a dance artist based in Calgary, Alberta, the land traditionally know as Moh’kinsstis. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Calgary, a Bachelor of Arts graduate diploma from The School of Alberta Ballet, and a Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance (Berlin), where she graduated with distinction. Nicole has performed with La Caravan Dance Theatre, Corps Bara Dance Theatre, mixOLOGYdanceMine, J-SIK Movements, O2 Dance Company, Surge Co., Dancers’ Studio West (DSW), Project InTandem, and with choreographers Davida Monk, Linnea Swan, Barbara England, and Pamela Tzeng.
She has presented her chorography in DSW’s Annual Alberta Dance Festival and Quick+Dirty- Festival for Emerging Choreographers and Ideas, Dance Montage, Skylines Dance and Film Series, has been commissioned by Ember Dance Company, and was part of W&M Physical Theatre’s Artist in Residency Program.

Nicole is a dance educator and certified RAD teacher (RAD-RTS), teaching contemporary, modern, and classical ballet technique at North Calgary Dance Centre. She has also taught as a sessional instructor at the School of Creative and Performing Arts- University of Calgary, and as a guest instructor for W&M 2/Surge Co., The School of Alberta Ballet, Ember Dance Company, and O2 Dance Company.

Director Statement

Every time I am on an airplane, I find myself looking down at the tiny homes and cars below and yearn to peel open every roof, like tiny sardine cans, and glimpse into the private and intimate moments of someone else’s life. To know the conversations, the behaviours, and the unresolved stories that these spaces, and their inhabitants, possess. I want to taste the food they make, I want to see the items they cherish, and I want to observe the intimate and bizarre habits that they reserve for private.

As a Calgary based dance artist, emerging choreographer, and dance educator, I am interested in creating work that is heeded by curiosity and that highlights the magic that can be found in the mundane. I value art that is engaging and inquisitive, and that can focus an audience’s attention to a foreign, yet familiar landscape.

The subject matters I explore emphases the everyday narrative of humans and their relationships to one another, to themselves, and to the environments they construct. I use dance and performance art to create both solo and ensemble work that illustrates the layered complexities of surreptitious human behaviour and distorted personal realities. I am particularly interested in examining the contradictions of a person’s thoughts and behaviours in public vs. private, and seek to investigate how we all justify our own morality while often judging that of others.