This year’s festival includes films from Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, the United States, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Canada (including Calgary), Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Sweden.

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WildDogs Program 21

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September 18, 2021 – Program A

Startle by Hazel González Araya & Esteban Richmond (Costa Rica)
Ben by Teresa Sala, Ilaria Vergani Bassi, Gabriel Beddoes, and Mattia Parisotto (Italy)
Memory House by Lyndel Quick (Australia)
Fauteuil Lit
 by Maksym Kotskyi (Ukraine)
Downriver by Andrea Boll (Switzerland)
unheeded by Marie France Forcier (Canada)
Dance, Dance, Evolution by Jules Rosskam (United States)
DON’T, KISS .mov by Carl Olsson and Fabio Liberti (Sweden)
finding us // again by Ieva Bračiulytė & David Comeaux (United States)
As It Ends, It Begins by Or Meir Schraiber & Treyden Chiaravalloti (United States)
Running Time: 94:05

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VOTE for your AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARDS Programs A, B and C 

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September 19, 2021 – Program B

Fibonacci by Tomáš Hubáček (Czech Republic)
It Cries Too Loudly by Dolly Sfeir (United States)
PLACE/is a city written on this body? by Rosanna Terracciano (Canada)
Naar het Blauw by Davey Bakker (Netherlands)
ECCE by Fu Le (France)
Je parle by Cai Glover, Damian Siqueiros (Canada)
The Escape by Liudmila Komrakova (Russian Federation)
TA MARA by Iwona Pasińska (Poland)
Navigation by Marlene Millar (Canada)
Running Time: 95:26

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September 19 -Sept 26 Program C [ONLINE ONLY]

Atena/Nets by Mark Freeman (Ghana)
Sebastienne by José Alberto Andrés Lacasta (Spain)
The Vahine by Camille Mỹ Giang (France)
Nereid by Clara Villalba and Flore Caillat-Grenier (France)
Brimming by Josh Martin (Canada)
Under the Skin by Carmen Porras (Spain)
A Dream of Touch When Touch is Gone by Carl Flink (United States)

*Recommended Intermission (just the stream)

In-passe by Claudio Machado and Henrique Filho (Brazil)
Veiled by Lindsay Clipner (United States)
History of them by Yann Marquis (France)
The Winter Ghost by Mark Esper and Katja Vaghi (Germany)
What Really Matters by Julie Magneville and Audrey Biche (France)
Running Time: 139:48

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