Choreography  Melissa Monteros with Wojtek Mochniej
Performers  Melissa Monteros, Wojtek Mochniej, Izabela Zawadzka, Nicole Charlton-Goodbrand, Jared Tobias Herring, Alèn Martel, Arash Minhas, Ashley Mae Johnston, Kelsie Vanstone, Sierra Oszust, Taylor Ritchie, Claire Winther, Emily Fonda, Reese Wilson, Sarah Vander Ploeg
Lighting Concept  Wojtek Mochniej
Lighting Design  Steve Isom

Displaced, was initially conceptualized in 2020 as an exploration of place and home. As voluntary immigrants to Canada and travellers in our work as artists, we’ve come to understand the impact of leaving our homeland and how that affects family, language, cultural specifics and the physical landscape that defines home for us.

Alongside feelings of adventure and expanded knowledge that come with cross-cultural experiences, there are feelings of loss, a need for ‘belonging’, and a deep visceral longing for home, leaving us feeling displaced. That’s where this piece was born, as we explore the importance of human connection, our ability to integrate into new places, and the remarkable capacity of humans to form new units of support and kinship.

The performance opens with the premiere of the short film “Displaced” followed by the stage performance of the work, which marks the premiere of both.