choreography: WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ I artistic collaborator: MELISSA MONTEROS performers: BARBARA CZAJKOWSKA, KELLY McCANN, LISA HERING and WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ stage and light design concept WOJCIECH MOCHNIEJ light design STEVE ISOM

Just Po Prostu has been performed in at least six cities in Poland, Finland and Canada. It is a choreographic work which explores a play on values, the condition of human existence, and the status of our framed relationships. The vocabulary is a selection of seeds from past works; moments which still resonate within and act as sources of inspiration to open new doors. It is not strictly a linear narrative but a collection of glimpses from the lives of two people. Multiple performances and some changes in cast and format have allowed the work to grow and deepen. The title is a mix of English and Polish. In our personal and professional lives, as we mix language and culture fluidly to try to express and understand each other, it seemed natural to include this mix in our work. “Just” (of course) is English. “Po Prostu” is Polish and can mean “straight” (to the point) or “because”. 

So, “Just Straight” or “Just  Because”. The choice is yours.